How We Deliver

We believe that construction excellence is built on a strong foundation of innovation, collaboration, and trust. That’s why, from our executive leadership down, we’re always just a phone call away. Our hundred years of expertise in all stages of the construction process—and our dedication to delivering on the partnerships we forge with each of our customers—make us the ideal (and local!) choice for your next project.



Whether you want to build a hospital, a courthouse, or a next-generation learning facility, everything depends on who you trust to bring your project to life. We treat each project as our application for the next job, making client satisfaction and quality service our highest priority.

Sullivan’s outstanding safety record, COR™ and ISO certifications, deep expertise, and diverse project portfolio have made us the preferred contractor for hundreds of public- and private-sector clients alike. By listening to our clients and gaining a deep understanding of their needs, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional value to each project.


We embrace the challenge of bringing your preparations from the Pre-Construction phase to life—smoothly and as planned. No matter the size or complexity of the project, we will realize your vision and deliver a quality result, every time.

At Sullivan, we are committed to quality, collaboration, and sustainability. That means you can count on us to transfer over everything you need to operate and maintain the high-quality features of your facility, like as-built and operations and maintenance manuals, warranties, and trained staff. It also means you can count on us to close the project out to your complete satisfaction, collaborating with you to ensure the end result meets your needs.  With Sullivan, the job is not done until you are ready for what comes next.



Keeping a complex construction project on track, on time, and on budget is no easy task. By engaging us early in the process, we can help set effective project coordination and communication standards from the start. In doing so, we create an environment for success.

Sullivan is a flexible construction company, and we will operate under various contract types and fee structures to meet your needs. Our broad range of experience on projects of all sizes and from all sectors give us the expertise to start your project off on the right foot—and make sure it stays there with the support of local boots on the ground.

We are committed to adding value from start to finish, advising on design and planning where necessary to anticipate problems before they happen. Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge of full-project lifecycles, we will work with your design team to ensure that your budgets, constructability of your project, timelines, permitting, and procurement planning are managed strategically and effectively.

By ensuring continuity from the Pre-Construction to the Construction phase, we can help to manage and mitigate risk and keep your project on track after you break ground. Thanks to our COR™-certified safety practices, experienced project managers, and network of highly skilled trades and sub-contractors, we have the teams, processes, and lines of communication in place to get the job done right.

From demobilizing the construction team to executing the final punchlist and closing out on documentation, our goal during the Post-Construction process is to make sure you are prepared. Prepared to operate every system in your new facility, even if it is new to you. Prepared to maintain and manage your building moving forward. And prepared with warranties that keep you secure.

The quality of our work is not the only reason our projects stand the test of time. We are master future-planners, and we will make sure you have everything you need to build a future for your facility.


At Sullivan, we know what IPD is all about—and it is all about the things we do best. It is the streamlined process that adds nothing but value and quality, cutting away waste. It is a commitment to making continual improvement both an aim and an achievement, keeping productivity and purpose top of mind. And it is about collaboration, bringing talented individuals together into one purposeful unit.

IPD is moving construction into the future with its focus on value, quality, continual improvement, and collaborative relationships. Those are the cornerstones upon which the Sullivan legacy is built.


The feedback loop is at the heart of the Validation phase, when we ensure time and again that a project is viable. For you, it means peace of mind and confidence that your project is set to succeed from the start. During this phase, our experts work with other project partners to ensure the IPD team has the certainty and commitment needed to confirm functionality, costs, and schedules—so you have what you need to put your trust in us.

Your project's success depends on having everything planned from the start, from the “who” to the “how.” That is why setting up a system that works for your project is what the Pre-Construction phase of IPD is all about.

Thoughtful project management tailored to each customer's specific needs is a legacy of Sullivan’s. In fact, it is one of the ways we have ensured the highest quality since Day 1. But there is always more to learn, and we continually improve our best practices to set you up for success.

The Construction phase of IPD is about execution and ensuring all moving parts are working smoothly. At Sullivan, we are masters of coordination, whether we are leading teams or tasks, planning or process. You can rest assured our steady hands will keep your project going on time and on budget—exactly as you expect.

No loose ends, wires crossed, or stones unturned: that is our guarantee to you during the IPD Post-Construction phase. That means correcting deficiencies; training operations staff; providing as-built manuals, maintenance and operations manuals, and warranty information; and more. At Sullivan, our tried-and-true process ensures the project is 100% complete to your satisfaction.



When you partner with a design-builder, you put all your trust in one place. You rely on your partner’s expertise, their forethought, and their ability to coordinate. You trust them to capture your vision and bring it to life—safely, on time, and on budget. For over a century, we have added value to projects of every size by working to meet and exceed our customers’ objectives. We do this through thoughtful design, intentional planning, and our deep knowledge of how to execute with excellence. With extensive experience and innovative LEED® and ISO-certified process, we are ready to guide each project from start to finish. And, as your design-builder, we are happy to shoulder more of the risk so you do not have to. All you have to do is choose Sullivan.

Building by design is where Sullivan excels. For us, design means more than mapping out blueprints and establishing project plans. We are masters of building bespoke processes with the flex to fit your team and timeline. That is how we innovate at Sullivan—by taking the time to understand your needs, then combining our experience, skill, and best practices to design the right way forward for you.

During the Construction phase, our quality workmanship brings design and planning to life in steel, stone, and heavy timber. This is where the milestones of your project meet the cornerstones of our craft—on time, on budget, and always with safety at the forefront.

As experienced design-builders, we know that even when construction is complete, the job is not done. We build to last, and that means planning for the future of your facility. When the debris is cleared and everything is move-in ready, you will not have to wonder what happens next. Instead, you will have everything you want from your new building and everything you need to operate and maintain it, from as-built manuals to trained staff. At Sullivan, we stand by you so your facility stands the test of time in your community—because the communities where we work become our own. And we proudly stay local to deliver the best possible service to you, our client, any time.


No matter the model, we will make it work. Contact Sullivan to let us know how we can deliver for you.