Sectors We Serve


Sullivan has taken great pride in building institutional, commercial, and community facilities since our company’s earliest days. As a family enterprise, we deeply appreciate the meaning of these projects to their communities. Whether they are schools for our young, houses of worship for the faithful, health-care facilities for the sick, or museums for the curious, we build for posterity.

Heavy Civil

Our in-house site work unit leverages Sullivan's fleet of heavy equipment, skilled personnel, and specialized knowledge to add additional value to projects, allowing us to keep costs down and maintain greater control over scheduling. Site grading, coffer dams, sewer and water main installations, stormwater management, pumping stations, roads and parking lots, silt mitigation measures, and electrical civil work are just some of the site work operations that our crews undertake on our own projects and for clients.


Ever since building local hospitals in Renfrew and Arnprior in the 1920's and '30s so that our own families would have the close-to-home health care they needed, we have been passionate about constructing state-of-the-art health care facilities that serve Ontario's communities and keep people safe. We pride ourselves on our ability to add value to every phase of these complex projects, working closely with project partners and hospital personnel alike to ensure a smooth, safe, and well-managed construction process.

Clean Energy Group

Managing the complexity of a power generation construction project demands the highest standards of safety, quality, and skill. Our experienced team consistently exceeds these standards, and our collaborative approach, sustainability credentials, and community engagement ensure that each project realizes the maximum benefit for our clients, their communities, and the environment.

Nuclear Infrastructure

For over six decades, Sullivan has worked with Canadian Nuclear Laboratories' Chalk River facility. Every day, we meet the highest demands for quality, security, and safety, embracing the newest technologies and innovations that keep this sector on the cutting edge of Canada's science, technology, and clean energy advancements.

National Defence

Sullivan has worked with the Department of National Defence since before the Second World War, and we are proud of our longstanding contribution to Canada's military facilities in Eastern Ontario. Today, our work with DND includes innovative design-build contracts such as the LEED®-silver TAPV facilities at CDSB Petawawa.


College and university campuses are thriving communities in their own right, home to cutting-edge research facilities and the latest in innovative and sustainable building practices. Over the decades, we are proud to have constructed some of Queen's University's most well-known buildings, as well as exciting projects at Carleton and Laurentian University. Each are a testament to the impact of quality construction in building vibrant and growing communities.


Sullivan's heritage of quality workmanship includes the restoration of heritage buildings to their former glory. We celebrate the rich histories of these projects, honouring their past and modernizing them for an even brighter future.


No matter your sector, we have the skill and experience to bring your project to life—and our dedication to quality craftsmanship and customer service guarantee that we will do it right. Contact us today to talk about how we can get your project started.