CNL SURP Project

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Project Name

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) – Site Utilities Revitalization Project (SURP)


Project Status




Canadian Nuclear Laboratories



Chalk River, ON





Delivery Model

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)



The Site Utilities Revitalization Project undertook the construction of multiple phases of utility corridor construction. This included infrastructure upgrades and rerouting of the existing storm sewer and sanitary sewer, as well as installation of the new domestic water and fire water main on the Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) site. New electrical and communications duct banks were installed for current and future capacity in preparation for the completion of the new Support Facility, Science Collaboration Centre, and Advanced Nuclear Material Research Centre buildings. The scope of work included the excavation and removal of abandoned utilities within the footprint within the controlled and supervised areas. This multi-phased project required the procurement, planning, installation, and testing of the newly installed infrastructure. Job hazard analysis assessments were completed with special attention to traffic control, possible radiological contaminants during excavation, potential asbestos-containing material in piping and cabling throughout the CNL site, working around live utilities, and adherence to all codes, standards, and guidelines.