M. Sullivan & Son Limited has consistently placed a high priority on attention to detail, superior client satisfaction and exacting professional standards.

General Contracting

The contracting method under a stipulated sum for a sequential design-bid-build process, for a stipulated sum or cost-reimbursable contract, is the traditional method of project delivery, especially for the public sector, where work is awarded to a construction company (general contractor) according to a competitive bidding system. M. Sullivan & Son Limited have an extensive and diverse portfolio as General Contractors with the experienced personnel and expertise to help realize your vision.

The client retains an architect or engineer to design the project and to prepare the necessary drawings and specifications. After the architect/engineer completes the drawings and issues them for pricing, the client selects the general contractor through a sole source or a competitive bid process.

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Clients select a design-build arrangement when they want to work with one contract entity, instead of several contractors and consultants. As the design-builder, M. Sullivan & Son Limited provides comprehensive design and construction services through one point of contact.

By bringing all project team members together in the design phase, the construction design-build approach helps foster a more successful partnership. Under this delivery model the Design-Builder assumes more of the project risk.

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Construction Management

Under a construction management contract, the client secures the services of a construction manager to work with the design team and, depending on the client’s needs, with trade contractors and suppliers.

This early collaboration in the construction management process promotes effective project coordination and communication from the start creating an environment for success. M. Sullivan & Son Limited is a flexible construction company that will operate under various contract types and fee structures (e.g., cost plus, guaranteed maximum price, percentage fee, and fixed fee) to meet the client’s needs.

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Public Private Partnerships

Public-private partnerships is also known as “Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP)” projects, which are achieving widespread acceptance as a method to deliver large capital construction projects.

This innovative project delivery method transfers risk to those parties that best understand and manage risk; financiers, developers, construction contractors, consultants, operators, suppliers, service providers, and concessionaires. The resulting consortium acts as a cohesive team to achieve the client’s goals and objectives for the project.

P3 projects are implemented through various contract arrangements, including

  • Build-Finance (BF)
  • Design-Build-Finance (DBF)
  • Design-Build-Finance-Maintain (DBFM)
  • Design-Build-Finance-Maintain-Operate (DBFMO)

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Self-performed Work (Civil Work)

With a large fleet of heavy equipment and a skilled workforce, with specialized knowledge in a multitude of operations, M. Sullivan & Son Limited will self-perform civil work for their own project sites, as well as for special clients.

Site grading, sewer and water main installations, stormwater management, pumping stations, roads and parking lots, silt mitigation measures, electrical civil work, are just some of the sitework operations that our crews undertake on our own projects which helps to keep costs down and provides more control over scheduling. We specialize in environmental remediation for spill containment, fish habitat protection, eel ladders, shoreline erosion protection and slope stabilization. We have expertise in site remediation and construction of waste management sites for clients such as Atomic Energy of Canada Limited.

Our hydro electric division includes specialized crews with technical expertise and equipment to self-perform concrete rehabilitation and repair, epoxy and polyurethane pressure grouting for powerhouses, gravity dams, sluice gates and log chutes. We self-perform all types of repairs to throat rings, draft tubes, decks and gates. We are experts in the design and installation of ice and safety booms, stop logs, boat launches and log lifters.

Our crews have specific safety training for marine work and specialized equipment such as work barges, boats, portable cofferdams, and sophisticated scaffolding systems which provide safe and efficient access to undertake the type of work associated with hydro-electric generating stations.

This specialized expertise, along with an excellent safety record and quality assurance system (ISO 9001:2008) has resulted in a long standing relationship with many of our repeat clientele including Ontario Power Generation.

In 2009, our solar division completed our first ground-mount photo-voltaic generation project. The turn-key Arnprior A&B solar project for EDF/ENXCO with an output of 19 MW AC, was the third largest P-V project in North America, at the time. We have to date designed and delivered a total of 42 MW of P-V generation.

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LEED® certification is not just about achieving points on a scorecard. It is teaching all of us in the industry to think differently, to change the way we operate, to be more responsible to the environment and to incorporate these ideas into our building designs and construction practices. It signifies a commitment to sustainability, energy conservation, life-cycle improvements, environmental responsibility, and the community, now and for future generations.

It has become part of our firm’s culture as the new “greener” generation takes over. From recycling to energy conservation, sustainability is evident in all of our daily lives. It has become second nature and will continue to evolve as technology leads the way with new greener products, equipment and methods developed to meet more stringent environmental and energy efficiency criteria. We are finding now that most projects, even the ones that are not designated to meet LEED® certification, are incorporating several of the LEED® concepts and principles.

Our firm has successfully completed four LEED® projects to date, one to Silver certification and three to Gold certification. M. Sullivan & Son Limited was able to elevate the LEED® target from Silver to Gold on two of these projects with only minor and inexpensive innovations. The projects include:

  • NBCD, CFB Trenton, ON (Design/Build) – LEED® Silver
  • Kingston Police Station, Kingston, ON – LEED® Gold
  • Cornwall Visitor Centre, OPG Cornwall, ON – LEED® Gold
  • Prescott Border Crossing, Johnstown, ON (Design/Build) – LEED® Gold

Our LEED® Accredited Professionals have the experience and expertise to meet the sustainable targets for design-build and bid-build projects. We apply our proven methodologies to coordinating, tracking and reporting on waste diversion, indoor air quality, low-emitting materials, environmental tobacco smoke control, regional content, recycled content and certified wood. We will endeavour to exceed the targeted credits and provide a buffer to offset any potential shortfalls or to move towards the next level of certification.

We educate the supply chain on the LEED® requirements so that not only will the trade contractors be aligned to meet the LEED® targets through their expertise and ideas, they will also contribute to obtaining extra LEED® points. We will apply the best principles of sediment mitigation measures on the site, reducing the site disturbance and meeting the water quality requirements of the storm water management design. We will coordinate the commissioning activities to not only achieve the targeted credit, but to ensure that all systems are performing as designed and ensuring your staff is fully trained on its operation.

M. Sullivan & Son Limited will meet or exceed your sustainable expectations.

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